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Magic Squares

Magic Squares

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This illustrated treatise on Magic Squares covers the following subjects:

  • the history of Magic Squares
  • general classes of Magic Squares
  • various formulae for creating Magic Squares
  • detailed analyses of 3 x 3, 4 x 4 and 5 x 5 Magic Squares
  • variations on Magic Squares
  • Magic Square routines, puzzles and presentations, including "one novel contribution by the author which combines origami (the Crossed Box Pleat) with a Magic Square, The Origami Magic Square" (Eddie Dawes, M.I.M.C., in The Magic Circular)
  • references to approximately 40 other works on Magic Squares and mnemonics
  • over 40 pages of detailed Appendices that make use of the same sort of permutation and combination calculations as would be used to analyse Bingo online, for example.

Note that many of the magical routines are not explained, since the secrets are not mine to reveal, although the book does cross-reference all of the necessary sources.


Comments from reviews by other magicians and mathematicians include:

  • "... a significant addition to the literature of magic squares" (Eddie Dawes, M.I.M.C., in The Magic Circular)
  • "... a splendid piece of work" (Alan Shaxon, M.I.M.C.)
  • "... one of the minority classics" (Joe Riding)
  • "I wish a book like this would have been available to me a long time ago" (Jules Lenier)
  • "... an excellent reference book ..." (Michael Close in Magic)
  • "... a remarkable reference book ..." (Wee Kien Meng, Singapore Magicians Network)
  • "... I can honestly say that I have never seen such a thorough treatise on magic squares anywhere ..." (Andrew Jeffrey, Head of Maths, St Aubyns School, Rottingdean)

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