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A - Z Of Thanksgiving

A - Z Of Thanksgiving

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A-Z Of Thanksgiving is a collection of 26 original poems.

These short Thanksgiving poems celebrate the history and tradition of this popular holiday, from the early days of the Pilgrim fathers and early settlers, right through to modern times.

Given that Thanksgiving was originally a harvest celebration, you may not be too surprised to discover that many of these poems are about food!

As the title suggests, there is one poem for each letter of the alphabet, with each poem focusing on a theme related to Thanksgiving.

Here's a sample poem from this collection:

C Is For Cornucopia

Cornucopia, horn of plenty
Overflowing with harvest's bounty
Reminding us how lucky we are
No drought or famine like lands afar
United States and living the dream
Come soon Thanksgiving, with feast supreme
Occasion for family to meet
Play games or converse, and of course eat
It's one day a year, but what a day
A custom that must not go away

The full list of all 26 Happy Thanksgiving poems is as follows:

  • A Is For Apple Pie
  • B Is For Break Bread
  • C Is For Cornucopia
  • D Is For Drumsticks
  • E Is For Entertaining
  • F Is For Football
  • G Is For Grateful
  • H Is For Heritage
  • I Is For Indian Corn
  • J Is For Joyfulness
  • K Is For Kindness
  • L Is For Laughter
  • M Is For Memories
  • N Is For November
  • O Is For Organic Jam
  • P Is For Pumpkin Pie
  • Q Is For Quince Pies
  • R Is For Reunions
  • S Is For Settlers
  • T Is For Thanksgiving
  • U Is For Unifying
  • V Is For Vacation
  • W Is For Wishbone
  • X Is For Xenophilia
  • Y Is For Yams And Dumplings
  • Z Is For Zucchini

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